Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easter Holidays Day 2

Today has been quite busy.

We got up and out fairly early for a school holiday day, and were at the shoe shop for just after 10am, and unusually we managed to get everything we needed from the one shop! Three pairs of school shoes, for C, L and R and one pair of trainers for L (B had new school shoes in the last holiday and her trainers are still fine, and she pinches mine sometimes too!) So £155 lighter we headed home for a tidying session as L has her best friend staying over tonight, and R wanted his best friend to come and play.

I've had Nerf gun fights, and people playing in the garden, running back in to get umbrellas because it's raining and overall happily playing children.

Pizzas were on the menu and I had decided to make them and so not ordered any.  I followed the recipes I found, but I think maybe I made the mixes a bit too dry as the gluten free ones were definitely more like pastry with pizza toppings on, L's friend said she doesn't like pastry and liked my pizza so it must have tasted like pizza, and I made C and hubby wholemeal pizzas to see what they were like, hubby isn't home yet but C said his was nice, so overall I think the 'normal ' pizzas tasted like pizza and the GF ones need a bit more practice.

We had a choice of toppings, mozzarella, ham, peppers, red onions, chopped cherry tomatoes and I made wedges with the skins on, and served a salad to go with it all, so not a complete failure, but maybe next time I've got a guest staying I'll not experiment on them!

We've got to pop out now as C volunteers and needs dropping off, so I'm going to treat everyone to either a McFlurry or a Milkshake from McDonalds on the way home for pudding!

Here's hoping day 3 is as much fun!

Lupin Girl x

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