Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mixed berry milkshake

I needed something filling to drink yesterday, whilst suffering with yet another migraine.  I wanted chocolate, but I can't have that, so I opted for a milkshake.

I put about 125g of mixed berries into my blender and added milk until I had the correct consistency.  Think a McDonalds shake, then add a good tablespoon or two of honey, as the berries I had were very sour. 

I ended up with about a pint of the most delicious shake I've ever had, it felt like it should have been quite a naughty treat, but was actually quite healthy, and I did feel better for a while at least.

Just thought I'd share as it was super speedy to make (I could have done with the blender being a bit quieter on this occasion though!)

Lupin Girl x

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