Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cressheads and Watermelon Salad

Last weekend my husband and daughters went the garden centre and bought some seeds, they got cucamelons which we discovered last year as a friend had bought them and the girls had been desperate to try out, and they bought some cress and peas.

The peas have gone straight into the garden, the cucamelons are in little pots on our windowsill as they can't go into the garden yet, and L and R made funky 'heads' out of toilet roll tubes to grow their cress in.

Yesterday the cress had grown enough to eat and so for lunch we had egg mayonnaise sandwiches with cress, and I made a watermelon salad out of Davina's book but added mixed seeds to it, which was lovely.

Watermelon salad ingredients:

                   Half a watermelon

                   2 avocados

                  1 block of feta cheese

                  A sprinkling of mixed seeds

                  The juice of half a lemon

                  A bag of lambs lettuce


             Cut up the watermelon into chunks, I used a watermelon which has the white edible seeds, but if you have one which has the black seeds, then you will need to remove these.

             Slice open the avocados, remove the stone and cut into chunks.

             Cut the feta into chunks.

             Wash your lettuce.

              Put everything into a large bowl and toss, squeeze the juice from half a lemon over your salad and serve.

Lupin Girl x


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