Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Migraines and stomach aches

My migraines seem to have been helped by increasing my dose of Pizotifen.  Although I am sure they will resurface once my body has adapted to the new dose.  This seems to happen with all of the medication I have tried, to begin with the medication effectively reduces the amount and sometimes even the severity of the migraine attack, then my body gets used to the medication and my migraines come back to make my life a misery, and so off I go back to the Dr's to either increase the dose, or try something new.  The time period I get where I'm helped varies also, sometimes it can be six months or so, others only a couple of months, so fingers crossed this one keeps them at bay for a good while.

Whilst I was dropping L off at her club yesterday evening, C texted me to say he had a migraine, he took Ibuprofen and then when I got back home Paracetamol with Codeine and went to bed, where he stayed until I had to get him up this morning as he is taking a mock exam.  I have given him some more Ibuprofen to help him get through the exam and told him if he's not feeling better afterwards to get the school to phone me and I'll pick him up so that he can recover.  Migraines are so debilitating and I really hope they don't start to plague him more frequently, he has two weeks of mock exams, so fingers crossed he doesn't get a string of them due to the stress.  I will have to take him to the Dr's if he does get more to see if they can give him a preventative medication to get him through, as he has two 'real' G.C.S.E's this summer and then the rest next summer and I would hate for his grades to suffer because of migraines as he has worked really hard and is predicted some really good grades.

Then, around 7.30pm R started to complain of stomach ache.  He had just eaten a Newburns muffin (which he has had many times before) with tinned custard (a firm favourite at the moment).  I don't know if he had just had too much to eat, or if something he ate upset him.  He had eaten the soup, with half of a Sainsbury's gluten free bake at home baguette and a slice of his normal bread, then a meringue with blueberries, strawberries and squirty cream (although that was at about 5pm, and the muffin and custard was at about 7pm).  He had Piriton, Calpol and a heat pack and his tummy started to ease around 8.30pm when he was persuaded to go up to bed, although didn't drift off to sleep until Daddy went and laid with him.  He is fine this morning and gone into school as normal.

L and B are both well presently which is a relief!

I hope you are all well too,

Lupin Girl x

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