Monday, 30 March 2015

Duchess' Tea Rooms Woburn Abbey

Wow, this is my 100th post!  Thank you to everyone who has read any of them, commented and hopefully enjoyed them.

Yesterday we surprised my cousin with an afternoon tea for her babyshower at The Duchess' Tea Rooms in Woburn Abbey.  One of my other relatives, A, set it all up and dealt with Julia from the tea rooms about my long list of allergies. 

I was a little nervous and slipped some of my bread into my bag just in case they had been unable to find anything I could have, that way they could bring me some filling and I could make my own, and half expected to not be allowed the same cakes as everyone else and be offered a fruit salad, but I didn't need to worry. 

After we had all selected the tea we wanted, and there was a large list of different teas to chose from, I had the Woburn Tea, which was very nice, and everybody had arrived one of the waitresses came over carrying one of the stands with sandwiches, scones and cakes on.  She said that it was for the gluten free lady, I put my hand up and she bought it over to me saying it was all for me.  I asked her to double check that it was free of all of my allergens, mainly because there were chocolate brownies on the top and I'm usually not allowed anything with chocolate in because of the soya.  She happily went to double check and Julia came out and assured me it was free of everything, I had apparently been one of the most challenging cases that they had had to deal with, and they had been worried they wouldn't be able to feed me much, but they had found the chocolate brownies, mini lemon sponges and almond squares, along with the sandwiches and scones, and they had put 3 large, juicy strawberries on too.  I was so happy, I had thought that they would find bread and I'd be able to have the sandwiches, but I wasn't so sure about the cakes as this is what I struggle with when eating out.  I thanked her for going to the trouble to make my afternoon as brilliant as everyone else and told her it was lovely to be able to have so many different cakes to eat. 

If you have food allergies/intolerances I would definitely recommend going there.  The staff went out of their way for me and one of the other ladies who had to have Granary bread (they went and bought some especially for her) A had said that Julia had known all about the new food regulations and been happy to sort out the food for us, and I had no problems other than being so full up I could hardly move lol

The Duchess' Tea Rooms at Woburn Abbey get a 10/10 from me

Lupin Girl x

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