Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Here's my gluten free, lacto free, refined sugar free, soya free, but free New Year cake ready for tomorrow night 🍾 πŸŽ‰

Have safe celebrations. 

Lupin Girl x 

Friday, 4 December 2015


Looking forward to lunch time today πŸ˜€

Lupin Girl x

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Allergy friendly Advent

There's much excitement in the Lupin house this morning. 

B thought she wouldn't get an advent calendar this year as she's lactose intolerance, but here are our allergy friendly calendars. 

This is the advent calendar that B, R and I have.

L's nut free calendar. 

And one for C πŸ˜€
Lupin Girl x

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Teal pumpkins

There's been busy bees in my kitchen the last couple of days. The kids have carved their pumpkins;the boys had one between them as did the girls. Today they've been busy painting them teal to show their 'trick or treaters' later on tonight that we have allergy friendly treats. 

Happy Halloween and safe 'Trick or Treating ' everyone πŸ‘»

Lupin Girl x

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Daith Piercing

So you may have seen my #wordlesswednesday yesterday 

I have heard lots of people saying that they have got relief from their migraines by having a daith piercing. As far as I'm aware, there is no scientific evidence to prove it works, but the idea is that it works on pressure/acupuncture points, and I did get relief many moons ago during an attack when I had acupuncture, so after thinking about it for a while I thought I'd give it a go. I think it looks really pretty, so even if it doesn't work, I still like the look of it. 

Having not had anything other than the standard ear piercings done I wasn't sure where to go, I asked a couple of friends of mine who have piercings about where they went and after researching I went to one of the tattooists that was recommended by them. 

Pulse in Northampton. 

I felt a bit of a plonker when I walked into the shop as I completely forgot the name of the piercing I wanted! However, with a bit of pointing and a picture we managed to get there and I was shown a tray of pretty titanium hearts to chose from. 

I was going to get both ears done, but was advised to do one at a time so that you have an ear you can lay on in bed!

Then I filled in the form and was told how to care for the piercing, paid and followed the man into the room. I was feeling a little nervous, as I'd heard it really hurt, but also excited. 

The guy opened up sterile instruments, checked which ear I wanted doing, cleaned my ear and applied a numbing gel to it (I think, it felt tingly), marked a dot where he was going to pierce it and then I had to lay down. He asked if I was ready and I said yes. I was told to take a deep breath in, and as I did he pierced it. He told me to breathe out slowly and just as it started to feel too painful, it was over. Or so I thought!  Then he said he had to put the heart in and I had to take a deep breath in again, but this time it didn't hurt. He said it bled a bit but that wasn't unusual once it had stopped, which was very quick, he closed the heart up and checked I felt ok. 

I did. So I was allowed to get up and have a look in the mirror and loved it. 

I had to take ibuprofen after to help reduce any swelling, and have my cleaning solution, saline with tea tree, which I have to do twice a day, until it's healed which he said could be 12 weeks or more (I think) but I could keep cleaning it for longer if I wanted to. 

Although this piercing hurt as it was being done, it was over quickly and there wasn't any of the burning that you get after having the lobe piercing. I've had a bit of throbbing since, but have kept onto pic it with the ibuprofen and it's been ok. 

I slept okay last night too, I didn't lay on that side much as I prefer sleeping on my right, but when I did it was okay. 

I've only noticed it during the day when I've used the phone at work as I hold the phone to my left ear but it's been okay, and I took some more ibuprofen at lunch time, then cleaned it when I got home, you never know what's on those work phones!

I will keep you updated on the migraine front. 

Lupin Girl x 

#wordlesswednesday 07-10-15

Lupin Girl x

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

#wordlesswednesday 30/09/15

We celebrated my daughter's 12th birthday. She didn't want a birthday cake, but a doughnut stack. 

R & I had a mini gluten free cake between us, which was yummy!

Lupin Girl x

Friday, 11 September 2015


Hubby and I had decided it was time to get the older two a pre-paid debit card. 

We wanted them to get used to managing their money, when they couldn't actually see what they were spending, as when they get Sarurday jobs they're not likely to get paid cash, like we did, but directly into their bank accounts. 

I did some research and the choice seemed to be between Osper and GoHenry. 

Both companies allow children from the age of 8yrs to have cards, but we felt that going to senior school, 11yrs old, would be the youngest we would be comfortable with them having a card. 

We went with go GoHenry because you could get the app on Android as well as Apple, Osper only seemed to use Apple. 

Secondly, rather than just selecting a set amount as pocket money, you could set tasks for your child to complete to get extra money. 

We preferred this as they still had to earn their money and it is how we pay them now. You can set it up so that the parent has to tick off that the job has been completed, or allow the child to be able to do it, they then get 'paid' once a week. You can also make one off payments to reward or pay for a one off reward/chore and transfer money immediately. 

You can block the card if they lose it or for any other reason. Limit how much they can spend in any one transaction and in a week.  You have to give permission for your child to use their card online, in the high street, at the cash point and in their online shop and set how much they can withdraw at the cashpoint. 

Your child can at savings targets, and through the app can see how much they have available to spend and cannot go overdrawn or get into debt. 

The cards arrived today, they haven't used them yet so I'll keep you updated! 

Happy shopping, and saving. 

Lupin Girl x 

Wordless Wednesday

It was a little while ago, but. Happy Birthday to me :)

Lupin Girl x

Blackberry Jam

So J had taken the kids blackberrying. They had made blackberry muffins and we still had some over, so I thought I'd have a go with the bread maker and make jam. 


4 cups blackberries
2 cups jam sugar


Wash and mash the blackberries (leave some lumps) 

Add the jam sugar and stir. 

Add mix to bread maker, and set bread maker to jam setting. 

Sit back and wait. 

You need to sterilise your jars by washing in hot water, the placing on a baking tray and putting in the oven for 10 minutes on gas 1. Boil you lids for the same amount if time. 

Carefully spoon hot jam into sterile jars.

Put the lids in and allow to cool. 

Then enjoy. 

Lupin Girl x 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

A successful Saturday

After managing for two months without a car, with help from family we have managed to buy another Zafira. I pick it up on Wednesday after work, and the garage have given me a courtesy car to use until then. I'm so happy, although we're not planning on keeping it for long as we want a VW camper next year. 

We then headed out to buy a new microwave as our one has been broken since May! 

We tested it out by having jacket potatoes for dinner!

Now I'm celebrating with a glass of this

I'm usually a rose girl, but this red with chocolate is delicious and so smooth. I'll be getting some more in!

Lupin Girl x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Migraine Hell

I'm suffering at the mo. 

I started with a migraine Sunday evening. Took my tablets and went to bed. 

Got up Monday to see the children off as J was taking them to my Dad's. 

Went into the kitchen after they'd home and just stopped myself from collapsing. After it happened for a second time I realised there was no way I could walk to work and had to phone in sick. 

I crawled up the stairs to bed, where I stayed all day. 

I felt a bit better by nighttime and thought I'd be okay for work today (Tuesday)

Got up and dressed and J took me in. 

I carefully walked up the stairs to my office and was promptly told that I really shouldn't be there and got sent back home. (Luckily J hadn't hone far and came and got me). 

My Mother-in-Law had the children today and I went back to bed. 

I am feeling a lot better, I managed to get up this evening, but the back of my head still really hurts. I still feel like I'll collapse if I move too fast, but I've got to go in tomorrow. 

Keep everything crossed that I'm better in the morning. I've not been this bad for ages! 

Lupin Girl x 

A sunset to cheer me up :)

#wordlesswednesday 26th August 2015

I came home to my amazing children one night last week, who had made me a lovely pasta dinner and blackberry muffins with sauce, which were amazing. R had put on a waistcoat and was my waiter, L wore her posh dress and B had a waistcoat on too and was my chef. (C was at his girlfriend 's house) 

Feeling loved. 

Lupin Girl x 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hayling Island 14-16/8/2015

Wow, a lot has been going on around here. 

I had an interview for the permanent position if the job I've been doing over the summer, and was successful! So now I'm a full time worker as well as a Mum of 4! 

We enjoyed a lovely weekend away with my Mum and Dad to Hayling Island. We visited Portsmouth and saw the kite festival. 

Portland Caslte

We even found a lovely fish and chip shop called Whistlers, which was recommended on Facebook, and had gluten free fish and chips. 

They were delicious and we enjoyed them on one of Hayling Islands beaches and I would definitely recommend going there if you're in the area. 

It was lovely to spend some quality time with the children. I've really missed it with working and it's the one thing making me question whether I'm doing the right thing. 

Lupin Girl x 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday 19/08/2015

R getting stuck in making waffles for pudding. Gluten and lacto free naturally!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday 12/08/15

Grasshoppers were a bit of a theme of our Isle of Wight holiday. 

Lupin Girl x 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Weekend Catch Up 7&8th August 2015

After a long and hard week at work I have enjoyed having a lovely relaxing weekend. The weather has been lovely and I spent most of Saturday in the garden, finally getting to finish the prequel to Maze Runner which I stared before the children broke up from school. I read this series on B's recommendation and I enjoyed reading them with one of these lovely concoctions I whipped up in the kitchen. 

 Today, Sunday, I had a lovely lay-in, before tackling all of the junk and kids belongings which had settled itself all over my downstairs. this done I managed to hoover and the downstairs isn't looking quite so bad as it was. I scrubbed the bathroom and sorted out the kitchen, but then decided to start reading a book which I'm going to review for a friend whom I met whilst studying for Creative Writing level 2 a couple of years ago, I'm about half way through and loving every minute, I won't go into any further details here as I'll save it for my review. 

 We had a lovely roast chicken, with smoked Isle of Wight garlic roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings in the garden which was really nice as what with camping we've not had a roast for a couple of weeks. 

I know a lot of you out there juggle full time work and raising a family and I've always admired you, but it's going to take me a while to adjust (if I get the full time position that is!) 

I'm heading off to bed now as I'm still shattered! 

 Lupin Girl x

Friday, 7 August 2015

Places to eat (or not) in the Isle of Wight

Most of the time on our holiday to the Isle of Wight we took picnics with us, but we did eat out a few times.

We had fish and chips at Shanklin from a lovely fish and chip shop called 'The Happy Haddock' which we had seen on a Facebook page.  I had tried phoning them but it was before they opened and so we just took a chance that they did indeed sell gluten free fish and chips and that I wouldn't have to wait ages for the fryer to heat up.  Luck was on my side as the fryer was on, they were clued up about cross contamination, ensuring me that it was all cooked separately, the lovely man cleaned out the warming container and put greaseproof paper down to be extra safe, he then asked if I'd like gluten free vinegar on my chips and when I asked about sauces gave me some gluten free tartar sauce to try free of charge.  I would definitely recommend visiting them if you are in the area, the food was delicious and we'll be back next time we're in the Isle of Wight.  I was so hungry I didn't take any pictures, sorry.

On our last day we packed up the tent and headed to Ryde for a last paddle in the sea. Unfortunately the tide was in so we didn't get on the beach. We decided to find somewhere to eat which had a garden and plumped for The Crown. We weren't disappointed.  I asked for the allergy menu, and the waitress helped me find suitable dishes, ensuring me that if there was something I wanted which want on their lunch special price menu that they would do it at that price for me. As there were no gluten free options for R on the children''s menu they said they would either cook him chicken and chips or he could have an adult dish, but kids portion and price. They then came through to us to say we couldn't have the chips after all as they were fried with the curly chips which weren't gluten free and would therefore be contaminated. R went for beef stroganoff and I had the chilli nachos. It was the best meal we had on the island and will be back on our next visit. 



I'd eaten most of if before I remembered to take a picture!

Now a place to avoid.  The Hare and Hounds which was near Robyn Hill, not because they poisoned us, allergy wise it was ok. It was just terrible service taking an age to get our deserts out, and even then only bringing half of them so we had to watch them being eaten and still wIt forever for ours, asking several times and it didn't matter who we asked, there was a very much 'we don't care attitude'  We will not be going back here again!

Lupin Girl x 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Holiday to the Isle of Wight Catch Up

Welcome to this weeks catch up post.

We've been very busy as we had our family holiday to the Isle of Wight with one of my best friends, C, and her lovely family, who kindly took L in their car as I'm still car-less.

We set off on Saturday morning.  The alarm on my phone was set for 5am!

We arrived at the ferry terminal nice and early and hoped to be squeezed onto an earlier ferry, but no luck.  The trip across the Solent was a bit choppy and my friend C felt a bit green, but we made it in one piece.

There was a little hiccough with the pitches, as in there was somebody on the two we were supposed to be using! However the lovely ladies at reception told us to go and find two empty ones which we wanted and they'd change the system.  We pitched in lovely sunny weather, which is always nice, and after a tour of the local supermarkets (trying to find gluten free food, we couldn't find anything in Lidl which had been our first stop, much more successful in Sainsbury) we headed to the beach at the campsite and the children (even the big ones) had lots of fun frolicking in the sea then we went back to our rather large tent to play 'Go Fish' and have an early night.  If only the wind hadn't been hurricane level. It was so windy that The Americas Cup was called off on the Sunday!

This continued, with torrential rain, over the next couple of days, we still managed to have lots of fun visiting Amazon World

and Osborne House to stay out of the worst of the weather. 

We had to keep our fingers crossed that the tents would still be there when we got back!  The weather brightened up from Wednesday onwards and we visited the Needles where we got a bit arty with our photos. Excuse the windswept look!

Carisbrooke Castle. 

The New and Old Battery (also at the Needles)

Bembridge Windmill, The Garlic Farm and a few beaches.  I went in the sea more this holiday than I have done for a long time.  

The journey home was a lot calmer than the one out, and we sat and sunned ourselves on the sundeck.  As we came off of the ferry into Portsmouth we saw somebody abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower!

See my next post for reviews of places to eat which are allergy friendly in the Isle of Wight.

Lupin Girl x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Herby, Sugar Free Bread

After last weeks failure! I thought I'd go back to the Doves Farm recipe. I remember I used to make a herby bread in the days where I ate gluten and wanted to try making a gluten free version. I also wondered if it was possible to make a loaf using honey instead of sugar.

Follow the Doves Farm Recipe but switch out the sugar for 2 tablespoons of honey and add 2 tablespoons of dried mixed herbs, I also added a heaped teaspoon of xanthan gum powder to the recipe. 

I'm not sure why this loaf hansn't mixed properly, but it may be because I didn't open the machine up and scrape the mixture down with a spatula as directed on the flour packet so will do that next time!

When I sliced open the loaf, it was mixed properly on the inside, and the herbs were spread evenly throughout.
It tasted just like I remembered it tasting and the honey hadn't done anything weird to it, you couldn't taste it so I may bake bread using honey in future.
This is definitely a loaf I will be making again!

Lupin Girl x 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Catch Up

Wow! What a busy week I had last week. I went from looking forward to enjoying the summer holidays with the kids, to working the holiday full-time, all in the space of a day! 

I went for an interview for a relief-administrator post on Tuesday morning and was asked to stay and work that day!  I could only work a couple of hours as I had to get to my ordinary job. When I got home I had to arrange child care for the holidays and would like to thank my amazing Mother-in-Law, H and Mum and Dad for helping me out at such short notice. 

It was a whirlwind few days trying to learn all of the different procedures, who everyone is and what needs doing by when. I have 2 pads full of notes and just hope I can remember everything when I'm on my own. 

I now have a different type of problem I never know what to wear as most of my clothes aren't office clothes!

Lupin Girl x