Monday, 16 March 2015

No sugar breakfast ideas


Just a very quick update this morning, but I wanted to share our no sugar breakfasts this morning.

Blueberry thickie:


                  Blueberries (fresh or frozen)

                  Yoghurt of your choice (I used Greek yoghurt today)

                  A couple of ice cubes if using fresh blueberries


                 Scoop a 500g pot of yoghurt into your blender.

                 Wash blueberries if using fresh.

                 Pour 150g blueberries into your blender, add a couple of ice cubes if using fresh.

                 Use the ice mode on your blender if you have one and have used ice, or use the smoothie mode, or just blitz for a few seconds at a time until the blueberries have been smoothed into the yoghurt.

                Pour into glasses to enjoy, or into bottles for a healthy mid morning snack, or lunch time drink.



                  50g Gluten Free porridge oats

                  250ml of milk, or milk substitute of your choice

                  4 dried apricots, or 1 tea spoon of honey


                Weigh out your oats into a bowl.

                Measure out your milk, and add to your oats.

                You can soak your oats in the milk overnight in the fridge, this gives a creamier taste in the morning.

                Microwave for about 2 min 30 secs, this will depend upon your microwave.

                Add a teaspoon of honey, or about 4 dried apricots, which have been chopped into small pieces, and enjoy.

I'll be back later on with a couple of burger recipes :)

Lupin Girl

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