Friday, 31 October 2014

The Bold Dragoon

Last weekend we went to The Bold Dragoon in Weston Favell, Northampton to celebrate my Mum and Dad's Ruby Wedding Anniversary. I rang in advance to warn the chef our our allergies, I don't think the man taking the phone call could quite believe that one family had so many!  However he promised to pass on the information to the chef, who would call me if he needed further details. Upon our arrival one of the waitresses came over to me to say that the chef was aware of everything and it was all taken care of.  Then the chef came out to check which people had the allergies, and to tell me that he had been and bought gluten/soya free gravy, Yorkshire puddings and that the crumble was safe, nothing had peanuts in and that he'd been extra careful to make sure that nothing we were eating had come into contact with any flour. It was a carvery and as there were so many of us only the children went up to pick their food and the chef was great with L and R. The adults had their meals bought over to them and he did mine separately.  We had a lovely meal and celebrated Mum and Dad's Ruby Wedding Anniversary and were all full up at the end.
If only all chefs were as thoughtful as the chef here (I wish I had gotten his name) I would rate The Bold Dragoon a 10/10 for people with food allergies/intolerances.

Trick or treat

Well our second Halloween with children with allergies, and it was much better than last year. For a start L is only avoiding peanuts, not all nuts which makes things a whole lot easier. Secondly I googled all of the sweets that came home before anyone ate anything to check for peanuts for L, and wheat/gluten for R. Then we switched sweets about so everyone had safe sweets. Easy peasy, and happy children all round ☺

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


We've been bimbling along fairly well and I'll update properly later in another post.

Today however I bought some different free from wraps. They're BFree and R prefered them to the Warburton ones we've been having and as you get six instead of four I thought we were on to a winner, but they've disagreed with me. The only thing I can see in them that could have upset me is pea starch, so next September! I will get them to test me and try to avoid peas in any shape or form until then!