About Me

Hi, I'm know on social media as Lupin Girl.
I am mum to four wonderful children, and happily married to J.

I chose the name Lupin Girl because the first foods I was diagnosed as being allergic to were lupin and soya, no-one had heard of lupin as a food, only a flower, so, when I needed an alias I thought that would do the job nicely.
As well as having allergies to foods, which keeps getting added to, I suffer from migraines and have asthma.  Two of my children have medically diagnosed allergies and/or intolerances, three suffer from migraine, one has severe hayfever and one has neutropenia! 
I started writing a blog as a way of airing my thoughts and frustrations, a kind of online diary, but now I also use it to share recipes and pass on tips and advice that I've found useful along my journey, and I review restaurants and food items we try along the way.

Lupin Girl x

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