Thursday, 19 March 2015

Quick and EasyTurkey Skewers

When I was looking for inspiration for new dinner ideas the other month, somebody had posted a picture of their dinner that night on Facebook.  They had made their own turkey skewers and I thought they looked easy, and fun for the kids, so I popped them onto my planner and yesterday was the first day we had them.  They are really easy to make:


                   Turkey mince (I think my pack was about 500g)


                   Chili flakes (optional)

                   Herbs (optional)

                   Brown rice


                   Red pepper

                   1 garlic clove


                Divide mince into enough portions for people, we had one big skewer each, but you could do smaller ones, if you preferred.

                Using your hands, squish the turkey mince onto the end of each skewer and spread along the skewer, but not all the way.

                If you are using the herbs, and/or chilli flakes sprinkle these onto the skewers.  I did three plain and three with chilli flakes.

                Place into an oven on gas mark 5 for about 30 minutes.

                Boil enough rice for each person you are serving.
                Fry your pepper and garlic, add in chili flakes once cooked and stir for a minute or two, then add to your cooked rice.  (I kept half plain)

                Boil your peas.

                Serve and enjoy.

These were a big hit, and I'd like to thank whoever it was who posted their dinner online as it is another one which we all like, and are all allowed.

The skewers are easy to prepare in advance, I did mine before I collected the children from school, put them on an oven tray and covered them with tin foil, popped them in the fridge, then cooked them when I needed them.  I would think they would freeze well too, if you wanted to make them up well in advance, but you would need to ensure they had fully defrosted before cooking them.

Lupin Girl x

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