Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day two

Today R had a bit of a wobble at dinner. I had made chilli con carne and he doesn't like rice,  usually he will have bake at home bread with it instead. I cooked the bread as usual as the others eat it as well, and R was not impressed when he realised that he couldn't eat it. I did give him our gluten free bread, but he had a bit of a melt down. He did calm down later and we had a chat about it all, I let him know that I knew it wasn't fair and that I feel the same way sometimes, but he did have some yummy food that was only for him, some of it even I'm not allowed as it contains soya and that made him feel a bit better.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day one

Well, that's the first day of little man being gluten free. We got off to a great start when he loved the cereal. 

I was very nervous all day about whether he would like his lunch after he hadn't liked the roll last night, but he came out of school raving about his chocolate cake, it was apparently REALLY CHOCOLATEY, although had been ver difficult to get in to.  I asked about his sandwiches and he leapt into the air saying they were delicious.  Phew!

Dinner was enchiladas and so we used the gluten free wraps and they were declared yummy.  He was very pleased with pudding, as I'd bought screwballs, and later on he ate a chocolate chip cookies and a rice cake.

I hope we get seen quickly so I can get him some items on prescription!

Let's hope tomorrow goes as smoothly ☺

Monday, 22 September 2014

What a day!

This morning started off as normal, the chaos of getting four children off to school.  With the two eldest gone the youngest two sat down to breakfast, my youngest R had toast and weetabix, about twenty minutes later he was doubled up complaining of stomach ache, to begin with I suspected Monday morning blues and gave him Calpol and sent him brush his teeth. Then I remembered that this had happened the last time he ate weetabix, and that he'd bought his pasta home from school only half eaten because he had tummy ache and only has one slice of pizza last time we had it because it gave him tummy ache. I gave him anti histamine and got an appointment with the nurse. She was fantastic, she was only covering the holiday for our regular nurse, but I'm so glad she was as she was really on the ball. Checked him out from head to toe and said she thought it was either an intolerance or allergy to wheat/gluten. After a bit of a discussion we decided that I would take him for a coeliac disease blood test today and put him straight onto a gluten / wheat free diet.
My little man was so brave having his blood test, he hates even watching anyone else have blood taken and only shed a few tears. Then we went off to Tesco to buy him a reward for being brave (he chose a small remote control car after trying his luck with the new avangers game!) We then bought him some gluten free goodies for his lunchbox, he has tried the chocolate bars that are like KitKats and the chocolate chip cookies and liked both, but didn't like my gluten free rolls or the oatcakes. Fingers crossed that he likes the bread as that's what his sandwiches will be made with!
Now we've got to wait about a week for the blood test results to see if he's got coeliac disease, personally I think it's an intolerance, but we'll wait and see.