Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar eclipse 2015

I've just witnessed the second solar eclipse of my life.  I was pregnant with my eldest child during the first one in 1999 and watched it with work colleagues, I remember it feeling quite eerie and exciting.  In 1999 it was a total eclipse and I wish we had had the camera phones and digital cameras that we have today as I would have love to have taken a picture of it.

Now I know it's dangerous to take pictures of eclipses as you cannot look at the sun, however if you point and shoot a few times without looking through the view finder or screen you can get a good shot or two, after all, it happens over a long period of time.

I also tried to use a pinhole viewer and spoon with holes in (my colander has lines not holes) but I was very disappointed as due to the cloud cover it didn't really work.

All of my children have witnessed this amazing event at school, the youngest two were watching it on a live stream on their interactive whiteboards, my eldest is in a mock exam and so I'm not sure will have seen much of it at all, and the other school hasn't informed us how they were viewing, but I suspect it would have been a live screen too.  I've recorded the BBC1 programme for them all and will show them my pictures when they get home.

Lupin Girl x

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