Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pizza Hut

My eldest daughter's best friend has coeliac disease. Today I received an email from her with the allergy menu for pizza hut and a message telling me that the gluten free pizza was nice. However the gluten free pizzas all contain soya, the only thing I could eat in there before I was gluten free was the lasagne, I can't eat that anymore for obvious reasons. The only thing I can now eat in there now are two flavours of ice cream! So I guess we won't be visiting them any time soon.


Yesterday was our 17th Wedding anniversary.  We went to Starbucks for my favourite coffee. Caramel macchiatto then after a wonder around the shops, we went to Prezzo in Northampton.  The waitress wasn't very helpful when I asked for the allergy menu I was told it was being updated, I told her what I couldn't eat and she said the chef would make me a salad with chicken.  I told her that I'd looked at the allergy menu online before I left and would download it again.  I knew that the gluten free classic tropicana pizza was free from soya, lupin and gluten and so I went for that with melon and prossecco ham to start and a glass of blush wine. I only managed half of the pizza and had the rest boxed up to bring home.  I was a bit upset that I couldn't have my favourite pudding, tirimisu, and went for affagato instead, it was delicious. I will have to see if I can get gluten free sponge fingers so I can make my own. We left rather quickly as we didn't have much change and left a measly tip! Still we reasoned that she hadn't earned it as she hadn't really shown any help or concern with my allergies making me do all the work.
We then decided that there wasn't anything on at the cinema that we wanted to watch so stopped off at a lovely pub for a drink on the way home.
Happy 17th anniversary J xxx

Gluten free cooking

Today I have done my first gluten free cooking since going on this diet. I have made gluten free mixed berry muffins after looking up a recipe online and gluten free dumplings to go in our stew (I just made these in the usual way double flour to suet and as much water as you need).   I was worried that the dumplings wouldn't taste very nice, but everyone liked them, J said he preferred them as they weren't as stodgy as the ordinary ones and the muffins went down really well as well so I am very pleased.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Gluten free shopping

My stash of gluten free goodies

Gluten and wheat free diet

Today I had my long awaited dietician appointment. 

After she looked through my food diaries we concluded that the best course of action was to go gluten and wheat free for about six weeks to see if that sorts me out.  She doesn't think I need to exclude every trace of gluten/wheat as I can eat a little without getting any symptoms, so she just wants me to exclude the bulk of it, bread, pasta, cereals, cakes etc. 

So this afternoon I've been to Tesco and bought wheat and gluten free pasta, flour, lasagne sheets, spaghetti, chicken nuggets and "breaded" chicken.  So I guess we'll see how it goes.  I'm off out for dinner on Saturday to celebrate our seventeenth wedding anniversary so along with avoiding soya and lupin I'll now have to cross reference those along with the gluten free menu. 

I'll keep you updated with how things go.