Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Relaxing Wednesday

Today has been lovely. 

L had her best friend sleepover last night, but despite the sweets, the alarm set for a midnight snack and a room full of DVD's to watch I think they were both asleep by 10pm and I didn't hear them until 8am. They then played nicely until it was time for her to go home. 

We then had a couple of hours to laze about and do nothing before we met friends for lunch. 

I couldn't decide where to go, there is a really lovely sounding restaurant that's opened in Northampton called The Smoke Pit. It caters for gluten free, provides GF rolls! It's such a simple thing really and yet the majority of restaurants don't do it and when I emailed my list of allergens was told I could eat everything in the restaurant! Only L had to be careful as one of the deserts contains peanuts, however if I let them know we were going they would make sure one was kept completely separate for her, or the ice cream was safe. The only reason we didn't go was the price. As of yet they don't have a lunch menu and the dinner menu was more than I wanted to pay, but we'll definitely go there another time. 

We ended up at The Lakeside in Northampton which is part of the Fayre and Square chain. I checked the allergen menu online before we went and R and I could have the gammon and the ice cream sundae off of the lunch club menu. However if we had been going for dinner, and I wanted R (who's 8) to eat off of the kids menu they have absolutely nothing that he can eat!) as it is the lunch club menu works out cheaper than the kids meal deal! So all was good. I told the cashier when ordering that these two meals were gluten free and yet when the sundaes were bought out and I asked if the next 2 were coming without wafers I got a blank look before the waitress hurried off, they did indeed come without wafers and both of us have been ok so I'm assuming the message had gotten to the chef. 

We ended up out all afternoon and left just in time to get L to drama and a re-read if one of the books for my course. I'd not heard of the series beforehand but lived it the first time I read it, just hoping a second read through helps me understand the question a bit more lol. 

Looking  forward to coffee with my Mum and Sister later on as well. A totally relaxing Wednesday and fab day 3 of the Easter holidays :)

Lupin Girl  

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