Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Homemade Granola

My eldest son and husband love granola so when I saw a recipe for it in Davina's 5 Weeks To Sugar Free I thought it was worth giving a go, and, actually it is very easy to make:


                 250g oats (Davina's book says to use jumbo oats, but they were more expensive than my regular brand so I just used that, I'll report back when the boys have tried and compared to the usual brand)

                 50g desiccated coconut

                 150g nuts (lightly crushed) (I used cashew, walnut and almond)

                 3 table spoons coconut oil

                 2 table spoons maple syrup

                 1 egg white (beaten)


                Place your selected nuts into a bag and attack with a rolling pin, great for getting your anger out lol, but don't go too mad we still want some bite to the granola!

               Weigh out your oats and add the nuts and desiccated coconut.

               Add the coconut oil. (I had to melt mine in a saucepan on a low heat as it was solid)

              Add the maple syrup and beaten egg white.

             Mix together and put onto a large lined baking sheet.

            Bake in a pre-heated oven on gas mark 2 for 40-50 minutes, I did like Davina suggests and checked after 40 minutes but mine needed 45 minutes.  It is done when golden brown.

              Allow to cool then put into an airtight container.

              Davina's book says it will last for a few weeks, if it's not gobbled up before then lol.

Looking forward to the boys trying this out in the morning and seeing what they think.

Lupin Girl x

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