Friday, 6 March 2015

Just a quickie

Just a very quick update tonight as I'm suffering my third migraine of the day, fourth of the week and feel pretty awful. I had a pain behind my left eye upon waking and the left side of my face felt a bit numb, I wasn't sure if it was a warning of a migraine or not but took a couple of Ibuprofen to see if it would shift the pain. It seemed to work and I got everyone to school. 

Then about 9.45am as I was making a coffee I noticed my vision going, took my Maxalt and Solpodol (not Migramax as I'd had Ibuprofen) and waited for my shopping to be delivered. After an hour I still couldn't see so rang in sick for work. Gradually the vision improved. Then went again with a bang about 12.30pm so I took another Maxalt and the Migramax and went to bed. 

School pick up time and vision was back, collected children and dozed once home, hubby came home and we swapped our meal from stuffed peppers to Make Your Own Subway as easier and quicker and vision went again! I called my Drs to double check if I could take any more Maxalt, I didn't think I could, and I was right just painkillers and sleep. So that's what I'm off to do now. 

Hope you are all better than me,

Lupin Girl x

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