Monday, 23 February 2015

Gluten Free McDonalds

For a birthday treat the grandparents took us to McDonalds (R's choice)  We don't eat in McDonalds very often, and we've hardly been at all since R had to go GF.  I knew that we wouldn't be able to eat the rolls, and the last time he was taken to McDonalds R would only have the fries and a drink as he didn't want to eat the burger without a bun, so I was prepared this time and took a pre-cooked Tesco white roll with us (the only one's I've found that he will eat)  I took a Newburn Bakehouse thin with me for mine.

We got a trainee on the checkout, but she knew exactly how to put through the order, our order is a pain in the backside lol as both R and I have to order without the bun, and L orders hers plain as she doesn't like the pickle, onion or sauces!  Still we always get our order freshly cooked and hot fries.

The lady gave us our drinks, and told us to take a seat and once our order was cooked she would bring it over, we only had to wait about 2/3 minutes before it arrived, and then we placed our burgers into our rolls, R had a quarter pounder, and I had a quarter pounder with cheese (R had my pickles as I don't like those either) and it was delicious, but why on Earth McDonalds cannot provide gluten free rolls over here is beyond me, they do in Spain, so it's not like it isn't feasible in their restaurants, and it is a bit of a joke that they charge the same, but we're getting less!

Do you think if we all emailed them they'd change?  It must be worth them doing now, and if they got in their before Burger King they'd win all of the gluten free customers from them as well!  Because even though out of the two I prefer McDonalds, if Burger King started to do GF buns I know I'd go there instead!
Maybe I need to start a petition?

Still R had a great meal and enjoyed his birthday treat so I guess that is all that matters.

Lupin Girl x

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