Thursday, 5 February 2015


I took R to the Dr's yesterday, and was told what I expected really.  Keep a food diary, don't give him those crackers again (Really!) try to keep his diet simple for a while to see if he reacts to a 'whole' food otherwise it was probably a colouring, flavouring or preservative and we've really got no way of knowing to what.  If it keeps happening to go back and he'll refer him to an allergy specialist, if he gets an ana reaction get immediate help, and then he'll be referred.

L also had her 4th of 6 blood tests this week, and was a little star again, although she did tell them off as they squirted her with the freezy spray lol, the lady had forgotten that she'd just wiped the numbing cream off of her arm and squirted without thinking, L was not impressed! The lady was very apologetic and told L to just remind them next time not to use it :)

Oh, and the expensive animal biscuits that I bought for R so he could have something different in his lunchbox, which looked similar to everyone else, were, apparently disgusting!  So the others (who liked them) are having them instead (one less thing to order next time!)

I think we're all up to date now, for a while anyhow.


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