Thursday, 19 February 2015

Uh oh! **Update**

Well as delicious as that Chinese was, something has made me unwell, severe stomach cramps etc.  I feel a bit sick and itchy too.

I don't know if it was the fact that it was deep fried, I don't really eat anything deep fried anymore, and when I had a very greasy breakfast (out at a restaurant) the other week I was ill after too.  Or if it's the corn, there was cornflour and oil in the recipes.

Something else for me to monitor!

Guess I won't be going out to buy that deep fat fryer so I can have authentic fish and chips lol.

On the plus side, R seems ok, it's one of the few nights that he hasn't told me that he has tummy ache (seems to be a recurrent thing at bedtime at the moment!)

I hope anyone else who tried it wasn't ill and that it's just my fussy system!!

I've taken my antihistamine  and some painkillers and am going to go and cuddle up with my  hot pack :(

The itching got a lot worse and I developed a few hives, I had more antihistamines and the lovely people on the Facebook pages allergy buddies, were making sure I wasn't alone and had my epipens handy in case it continued to get worse, instead of better, thankfully the antihistamines kicked in and I was ok-phew!

My hubby pointed out that I'd put pineapple into the sweet and sour sauce, and although it is in my recipe, I don't usually remember to buy it and so we have it without.  I can't remember the last time I ate fresh pineapple, but do remember that it always has made my tongue a bit bobbly feeling, the only pineapple I've had more recently was off of the top of pizza's, but since going GF I've not even done that, so it's probably been a couple of years since I last had it.  Maybe it wasn't the deep frying after all, and I can invest in a fryer and have 'chip shop' style chips with some gorgeously battered fish after all!

After all that fun last night!  We've had a lovely afternoon over at my friends house, chatting whilst the children ran riot!  Actually they were very good, and made some lovely Hammer bead designs and played with the Lego :)

Lupin Girl x

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