Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I recently discovered a website which sell only gluten free foods.  Not only is everything on their gluten free, but you can then select your allergens from a menu and it will show you the foods which you can eat.  The company is called FreeGo and their website is

Here is a voucher code for new customers, you will get £10 off of your first order of £20 or more, well worth a visit!

I placed an order for R and myself and was rather impressed with what we received. 

There was only one item which R didn't like, that was the Outback Animals, I cannot eat them as they have soya in, he said they were bitter and dry, so I guess they have quite a lot of cocoa in, but my eldest son likes them.

R was over the moon to be able to have ice cream in a cornet again (unfortunately I still can't as, you guessed, they've got soya in!) R said it tasted just like a real one, and has happily been munching ice creams in the depths of winter.  He hasn't tried the ice cream boats yet, but I imagine that he will enjoy those too.

The Mini Moos chocolate bars were a big hit, he particularly liked the orange flavour, but has happily munched through the rest of them too.

My little gem were the sponge fingers, gluten and soya free, I can't wait to make Tiramisu again, my all time favourite desert, and one I thought I wouldn't be able to have anymore!

For those moments when you're a bit nibbly in the evenings, after the children have gone to bed, and you've settled down to watch something you want to watch on the telly, rather than the children's channels, a bag of Portlebay popcorn really hits the spot, we had cinnamon swirl, lemon sherbet and very berry flavours and all of them are delicious.

For some reason I haven't taken a picture of the cinnamon ones, but they were just as yummy, the lemon and berry ones have more of a zing to them, and in all of the flavours you get a bit of the flavouring stuck in the corner at the end, which you just have to dip your finger in to dig out and lick off, not that I'm a big child or anything lol  My only comment against them, is that the pack isn't quite big enough, you really need a few more in there, but I'll definitely be ordering these again.

We tried the meatballs for dinner the other night, they are quite grown up meatballs, full of flavour and not like the mushy ones from a tin that my son had been used to, he did like them, but said he wouldn't want them all of the time.

We had had the breakfast biscuits before, and they are ideal for those days when you don't have time to get any breakfast.  I like to keep a packet in my bag in case I get stuck out with nothing available that I can buy to eat, as I end up with a migraine if I go too long without food, I think it's something to do with my blood sugars, so it's important for me to have something with me to prevent this, although if you don't store these carefully you end up with crumbs!

The only thing we haven't tried yet is the gravy, but I'm looking forward to trying it with a roast, I haven't had real gravy for quite a while (it all contains soya) and so we make do with a thickened up stock cube, not quite the same!

There is a lot of choice on the website, and the delivery was quick and the website is easy to navigate and read.  I was very impressed and will be using it again.

Lupin Girl x

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