Friday, 27 February 2015

Deliciously Moist Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake

My favourite cake nowadays is lemon drizzle cake, I like it sandwiched together with lemon curd and iced with lemon glacé icing.

Here's my recipe:



                  225g soft butter
                  225g caster sugar

                  225g gluten free self raising flour (My preference is Doves Farm)

                  4 eggs

                  1tsp Xanthan gum (optional)

                  Zest and juice of 1 lemon


                  Beat the butter until pale and fluffy 

                  Add the caster sugar and continue to beat for about 3mins

                  Add the eggs one at a time, whilst beating the mixture

                  Add the GF SR flour a little at a time, whilst beating, add in Xanthan gum if using
                  Zest and juice one lemon and add to the mix, beat for a further 2 mins

                  Divide mixture between two greased and lined tins and bake at gas mark 4 for 30 mins

Lemon Drizzle:

                    Zest and juice of 2 lemons

                    25g caster sugar


                   Zest and juice two lemons (or one lemon and one lime) into a saucepan

                   Add caster sugar

                   Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, take off heat and wait for your cake to cook.

                  Once the cakes are cooked, do not allow to cool down, prick all over with a fork and drizzle your lemon syrup over your sponges.

                Sandwich the two halves together with lemon curd (I usually make my own but ran out of time today and so used shop bought instead) but to make it you need:

                2 eggs, 75g caster sugar, 50g unsalted butter and 1 lemon.
                 Break the eggs into a heatproof bowl, beat using a fork, add sugar, rind and juice of lemon and the butter in cubes.

                 Place bowl over a saucepan with a little water in, do not allow your bowl to touch the water, heat until just bubbling stirring with a wooden spoon continuously.  It will take about 20-30mins to thicken, so you need time and patience!  You know it is ready when it will coat the back of a metal spoon. 

               Take if off of the heat and allow to cool.


This stage is optional as lemon drizzle cake is delicious without, but we love it with the icing on.

                  125g icing sugar

                  Juice of 1 lemon


                  Sieve your icing sugar into a bowl, carefully add your lemon juice a little at a time until your icing is the correct consistency.  I like mine to be quite stiff, so that you can get it all over the top of the cake, and it just starts to drip down the sides, but doesn't go everywhere.

Enjoy :)

Lupin Girl x

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  1. Lemony delicious! I love lemons. I drink lemon water all day, everyday. All these great baking recipes I am going to have to venture into the world of baking. Thanks for sharing again with us at #foodpornthursdays.

    1. I don't make this as much as I used to as we're trying to cut sugar out, but it is delicious. Thank you for stopping by to comment x