Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Birthday cakes

I love baking, and have made most of the birthday cakes for my children since they were born.

I had always made them using 'ordinary' flour up until my eldest daughter had a couple of friends who were coeliacs, because I didn't want them to be unable to take away a piece of birthday cake with them I made her cakes GF.  The first year the Mum of the child let me use her flour and baking powder to make the cake, and I followed the recipe on the back of the flour packet, and this was the result

The icing was from a Nigella recipe for Autumnal Birthday Cake   
The second cake I made I used a GF chocolate brownie cake mix which was lovely and moist and enjoyed by everyone.
If I have made a 'normal' cake for birthdays, which is most of them, then either I haven't eaten them, or I have made some GF cupcakes to have instead.  Last year when R was told he was gluten intolerant and possibly allergic to wheat, I decided to make his Sister's cake GF so that he didn't feel left out when everyone else was eating it.  I made the chocolate brownie recipe (which is on my blog.) 
As my daughter was turning ten, I made the one as GF and the zero 'normal', again it was delicious and the squeals of delight from my non GF daughter when she saw her cake were just brilliant :)
Happy baking everyone,
Lupin Girl

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