Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Breakfast trauma

My youngest woke up in a right grump this morning, not what I needed with a banging head and a stinking cold!  There wasn't anything he wanted to eat, everything was such a chore, you know the scene right?

I had lunches to make, my hair to sort out, make-up to do and to get us all where we needed to be on time, the usual, I didn't need him sulking across two of the dining room chairs hiding in a blanket!

He was sulking as I had said he couldn't have pasta for breakfast, one of his big sisters had made some 'ordinary' pasta for her lunch, and was stirring some cream cheese through as a sauce.  I didn't have time to cook the tomato sauce that R wanted on his GF pasta as he doesn't like cheese, and therefore he was having a sulk and I was an evil Mummy.

His ordinary cereal was boring, he didn't want porridge, or toast, and I didn't want him to go to school without any breakfast, then I had a brain wave, I told him he could have some of the flapjack he made if he had it with a banana and some milk, or I could make him a banana smoothie to go with it instead.  He looked at me like I'd gone mad, flapjack for breakfast?  I reassured him that it wasn't a trick, but if he wanted it he needed to have it now, he sat up, threw off the blanket and asked for the smoothie with some flapjack please, and he ate and drank it all, result, one happy little boy, who had eaten a healthy breakfast without realising, which equalled a happy mummy :)

To make the smoothie all I did was place 500ml of semi-skimmed milk into a blender with a banana which had been broken into large chunks, then whizz it up for a few seconds, I let R taste it to see if it tasted good, or needed anything else adding (I don't like bananas) he said it was brilliant and I poured it into a glass for him (his big brother had a glass too.)  I have had requests for berry smoothies next :)

On a facebook group I belong too called 'Coeliacs in the UK' I saw a post for flour less pancakes, using only bananas and eggs (2 eggs to each crushed banana) which I'm going to try for the kiddies as again, they'll think they're getting a fab breakfast (which of course they will) but it will be a healthy breakfast, I will plan this on in advance for a day when I have a bit more time in the mornings (it will be interesting to see if either myself or L like these as neither of us like bananas!) I might even do them in the waffle maker if the batter is thick enough.

If anyone has any other tips for quick and easy, healthy breakfasts that kids will enjoy to break up the monotony of either toast or cereal, I would love to hear them :)

Lupin Girl x

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