Monday, 9 February 2015

Another mystery reaction!!

So I do dinner for the gang, pulled pork rolls, using left over pork from dinner last night. With lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, homemade apple sauce and mayonnaise. (I has jacket potato with cheese and the salad as I didn't want pork again after yesterday) I send L up to change ready for her club, and she comes down howling saying she's got tummy ache. To begin with I suspected she was trying to get out if going to her club, then she clung to me saying she felt like she does after her blood tests (faint) and her chest was hurting. She wasn't wheezing or struggling to breathe so I gave her Piriton and Nurofen and kept an eye on her (pretty easy as she was sat on me lol) it took about an hour but she improved and is now fine, back to annoying her siblings, but I don't know what the reaction was too. She ate the same type of roll, from the same packet, as she had on Saturday. Leftover pork from yesterday, freshly made apple sauce, (apples, water and sugar), mayonnaise (same jar as Saturday) and lettuce (this is new as I'm trying to get her to eat more fruit and veg, it is Tesco mixed leaf salad) then she had skimmed milk with a milk straw (one of those straws that turns your milk into milkshake as you drink), she's had these before, but not for a week or two, and she had milk on her cereal this morning? Stumped again! (She didn't eat the tomatoes or cucumber as she doesn't like those)

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