Monday, 23 February 2015

Gluten Free Fish and Chip Shops

You might have guessed from my Chinese post that I miss proper chips, fish too for that matter.  We never had them regularly, but now I can't have them, I want them lol.  so when I saw a post on Facebook which has a list of GF fish and chip shops I had to have a look.  Apparently it's not conclusive, it only lists members, but it's a start and might help somebody (Not me though, as there aren't any listed near me, but I thought I'd share it anyway, 'cause I'm nice like that!)

There is also a dedicated Facebook page for people in the UK

On this page was this link

You put your postcode in and a distance you want it to search, and it finds any that have been listed, there's one near me :)  Woo Hoo

I have also heard that there are fish and chip shops out there that do GF chips (not always anything else) on certain nights, I think when they change the oil, so it's always worth asking your local one, and if enough people request it, you never know, they might start doing it.

I hope some of you can now enjoy a nice (unhealthy) gluten free fish and chip shop treat for tea occasionally :)

Lupin Girl x

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