Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dinner Review

Last night's dinner, and pudding were amazing! 

The Pork Saltimbocca (available in the ordinary meat section, not with their free from selection) were so tender and juicy, they were a delight to eat and I could have eaten two!  The cooking instructions were clear and simple too.  My husbands wedges were a great accompaniment and easy to make;
                         Simply cut your potatoes into the desired wedge shape and par boil in some water (about 10mins.)  Get some oil and flavour with herbs and garlic and get it very hot, then carefully put the drained wedges into the oil and roast for about 20mins on a high heat (gas mark 7/8)

I love baking, however it is fantastic to be able to find a ready made cake for when you're feeling lazy, and we all have days like that :)  The Marks and Spencer  Made Without Wheat, Gluten Free Victoria Sponge was a revelation, it was light and fluffy and full of flavour, it actually tasted just like I remember Victoria Sponges tasting pre gluten freeness!

I didn't have room for the bread last night, but have had it for my breakfast this morning, and again top marks for Marks and Spencer as it tastes as good as it looks, just like REAL bread!  It is called Made Without Wheat, Gluten Free Sliced White Boule and I will be going to my M&S Food shop specifically to buy this.

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