Monday, 9 February 2015


We had a some of red grapes last night and R said he had a sore throat and tummy ache about 15mins after eating them.  He didn't go blotchy, but we gave him some Piriton in case.

I also had stomach ache last night, but we'd had pork for dinner, and I'd had quite a bit, and I know pork can give me stomach ache.  R also had a lot of pork and some crackling, so I'm wondering whether it was the pork, the grapes, or the fact that it was almost bedtime and he was hoping to stay up and snuggle with us instead of going to bed!

My stomach is still tender this morning, R hadn't mentioned his at all, ate breakfast as normal, but then I asked him, and he said it hurt a bit (should learn not to ask these questions as it just reminds them about it lol)  Still all at school, which is good, and I've written it in his food diary in case we ever get to see an allergist.

L isn't looking forward to her 5th blood test tomorrow (don't blame her really) I'm really hoping that something comes of all of these tests considering they're not testing for cyclic neutropenia in the recommended way.  They're only doing one blood test a week for six weeks and the National Neutropenia Network, and just about anywhere else I look, say the only way to test is to do at least three blood tests a week for six weeks.  Will definitely be asking to have her notes sent to one of the two Dr's in the UK who are a part of the NNN when I speak to L's consultant next time we see him, as it's such a rare condition, with only 1 or 2 people in a million having it that I think she needs reviewing by a specialist and the NNN website says that they're happy to review informally as well as formally, just hope he doesn't get all humphy about it.

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