Monday, 2 February 2015


So, I have decided to try and eat more fruit, as I really don't eat much.  I grabbed an apple when peckish and munched away, it was really nice, lovely and juicy.  Then I felt my throat tightening, not dramatically, just like when I'm beginning to get asthma.  Then it started to itch a bit and my lips went tingly.  I grabbed two antihistamine and my inhaler, took them all, and waited, I decided to wait a few minutes to see if these worked before using my epipen, and thankfully they did, the swelling went down, although I could still feel itchiness, but I was ok.  (This was on Saturday)

I am now wondering if whether my reaction last weekend to the porridge was in fact a reaction to apple and not the 'may contain soya', as it was spiced apple porridge that I had eaten!

Another food to get tested for when I visit the allergist in September (wheat, peas, celery and apples!)


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