Friday, 13 February 2015

Always read the label!

I needed a quick dinner last night and so decided to cook sausage and mash with veg, gluten free for me of course.  R isn't keen on the gluten free sausages so he was having Heinz gluten free beans and sausages.  My youngest daughter asked what she was having, I looked puzzled and said
                         'you liked the sausages last time we had them.'
To which she replied
                         'but I don't like the mash.'
I tried to convince her that she did indeed like mash, then jokingly said
                         'do I have to make it pink like when you were little?'
                         'Yes' she replied with a big grin, and so I tipped in some pink food dye and dished up, yes it did look odd lol, and she still didn't eat it!  Then we dashed out to my son's club. 

Whilst I was sitting on a bench watching him, my stomach was hurting big time, I gobbled down some anti-histamines and some Ibuprofen and wondered where the toilets were, I've never been so glad to get going home again, and sat huddled on the settee with my hot pack feeling sorry for myself, the R said his tummy was hurting too.  I reluctantly surrendered the hot pack to him and gave him some Ibuprofen and Piriton, and went to see what on Earth was in the food dye.  It said:
                           May contain, soya (I'm allergic to), gluten (me and R cannot have), celery (I think I'm allergic to), mustard and milk! 
Needless to say it has gone into the bin!

I felt really bad for poisoning R (and myself) and wished I had read the label, I'm usually very good at checking everything.

We snuggled up watching T.V feeling very sorry for ourselves, and both fell asleep, I am pleased to report that both of us feel much better this morning, although tummies are still tender.

So, lesson learnt, no matter how much of a rush I am in, or how daft it seems that something would contain gluten, or any of my other allergies, I will always check the label, even if it is something we have regularly, just in case there has been a recipe change.  I felt awful having to write it into R's food diary, writing that is bad enough, knowing you are going to be judged on everything you feed your little one, but having to write in there, 'Oh and I poisoned him' didn't make me feel like a very good mum!

Here's hoping Friday the thirteenth is going to be kinder to us!

Lupin Girl x

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