Thursday, 19 February 2015

Allergy safe Chinese New Year

          Gong Hey Fat Choy

Wow! I don't know what else to say about the batter.

It was amazingly crispy and light. My chicken balls were far, far better than any I ever had from a take-away. I will no longer be mourning my loss, but celebrating my gain (just think of the fish I could have with some lovely chips!)

The recipe made a huge plateful (fed 5 easily) 

I made egg fried rice as well. 

Boil rice, scramble an egg in a wok or frying pan, put rinsed rice into scrambled egg and stir-delicious 

The Amoy straight to wok noodles were a big hit too


My only disappointment were the fortune cookies. They tasted delicious but were small, sweet American pancakes rather than fortune cookies, like I say, nice, but not quite right. I will have to search some more for a more traditional recipe and just use GF flour maybe?

I'm also not sure I liked my fortune:
 'The greatest danger is your stupidity'
Lupin Girl x

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