Monday, 1 June 2015

Hiccoughs and Ramblings

Just a short post today, I'm at here with a sore head, and the hiccoughs. 

I've had another migraine, and am losing the will.  To top it all, every time I eat today I seem to get the hiccoughs!

I can't believe the weather at the moment either, it's so cold again.  I saw a post earlier on today on Facebook saying that our nice warm summer has been blown away and we're now getting a cooler and wetter one!  So maybe the heat-wave we are supposed to be getting at the end of the week is no longer going to happen.

I may start to post the odd poem, short story or free write, as I'm going to study Creative Writing Level 3 with the Open University in October and so need to practice.  I'm really looking forward to it, and very relieved that I've switched to doing a Humanities degree instead of the English Literature one so that I don't have to do one of the compulsory modules it contains as they all looked awful and after the module I've just taken I just couldn't face them.

Right, I've got half an hour before the calm is broken and I have to go on the school run, it's not been a great first day of term as B and L were feeling poorly, and then I got a migraine walking out of the school gates and have spent the day in bed, missing work.  I think we'll all sleep well tonight.

Fingers crossed I'll feel better tomorrow.

Lupin Girl x


  1. Oh no I hope you feel better soon! I know how you feel about this weather though, wish it wouldn't be sunny for a couple of days let us get used to it and then bloody vanish again haha!
    Have a fab evening sweetie,
    kim x
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    1. +Kimpepper I know it's June for goodness sake, oh well on the bright side, the half wall, half fence that my hubby built is still standing after last nights storm, and my migraine has gone, so all is good :)
      Lupin Girl x