Saturday, 6 June 2015

GF Cupcakes

So there's more celebrating to be done, such a hard life lol.

We're off to my sister's in a bit for chilli and jacket potatoes (I've made a safe chilli for me and R as I snuck a look at the mix my sister had on the side yesterday, whilst doing my make up in her shiny oven door, and it's got wheat in). When we arrived my sister had made a gluten free chilli as well using chilli powder, smoked paprika and cumin seeds, which was yummy, so I had both! She had also bought GF gingerbread men for us, although I daren't eat mine as it contained pea starch so R got two. 

I've also made some GF cupcakes, coffee ones and chocolate ones. 

Coffee cupcake ingredients:

      110g butter

      150g light brown sugar

      50g maple syrup

      2 eggs

     125g GF SR flour

     120g GF plain flour

     Drop of vanilla extract

    1 tablespoon espresso powder

    150 ml milk

     1heaped teaspoon xanthan gum powder

I haven't made these LF as B is away and they'll be all gone before she's home! You could just use LF or DF butter and milk though. 


         Whisk you butter and sugar together until creamy. 

         Add the maple syrup and eggs and mix. 

        Add the SR flour and mix well. 

       Add your milk, vanilla extract and espresso powder and combine. 

      Beat in you plain flour and xanthan gum powder. 

      Spoon into cases and bake for 25 minutes on gas mark 4. 

I made 19 out of the above ingredients. 

Chocolate cupcake ingredients:

           110g butter

           120g maple syrup 

           2 eggs

          150g GF SR flour

          125g GF plain flour

          1 heaped teaspoon xanthan gum powder

          1 teaspoon vanilla extract

          1 tablespoon cocoa powder

          150ml milk

The method is the same as for the coffee cakes only add the cocoa powder instead of espresso powder. 

I made some buttercream icing for the coffee cupcakes but left the chocolate ones without so that they were sugar free. 

Coffee buttercream icing ingredientsfrom the Hummingbird cupcake book:

       150g butter at room temperature

       1 tablespoon milk at room temperature (make sure it is at room temperature otherwise the icing will split like mine did!)

       2 teaspoons instant espresso powder dissolved in a small amount of hot water

       350g icing sugar


            Beat the butter until soft. 

           Add half of the icing sugar and cream together. 

          Add the espresso and stir then add the rest of the icing sugar, beat well. 

Use a knife to spread on your cupcakes (I didn't take any pictures as mine split as I rushed as we were running out of time and they didn't look great, although they tasted yummy)

Lupin Girl x

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  1. How lovely of your sister to make a separate chili for you! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    1. +Sadia I am lucky, I have a really lovely and thoughtful sister.
      Lupin Girl x

  2. I love making my cupcakes I'm gluten free too also milk free it's great to see so many people cooking free from now ESP family when I go to places even family places I still have like nothing to eat! It's rubbish I hope more people cook like this in future as so many of us can't eat these foods :) from twinkly Tuesday link up x

    1. +HannahBrooker It can be tricky when you're out and about, can't it? I usually bring food with me to share, that way there is always something yummy and safe for us to eat x
      Lupin Girl x

  3. Ooo these look really yummy! I never think to go gluten free! Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. +Mummascribbles I never thought of going gluten free before we had to either, it's just not really something that pops into your head until you have reason to think of it
      Lupin Girl x