Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Chicken Mayo Pasta (GF)

Because it was mine and J's wedding anniversary on Sunday, only the children has eaten the roast chicken and so for dinner yesterday I made chicken, mayo pasta with sweet corn, it went down a storm and was really easy to make. 


           GF pasta

           Leftover roast chicken

          Sweet corn (approximately a tin, I used frozen though)


          Salad to serve (optional)


           Cook your pasta according to the instructions. 

           Pick all of the meat off of the chicken carcas. 

           Cook your sweet corn (if using frozen) 

           Drain your pasta and rinse with cold water. 

           Do the same with your sweet corn. 

           Mix mayonnaise into your chicken.


           Add it to the cold pasta, add the cold sweet corn, stir well and serve with the salad. 

Hey presto, dinner!

Lupin Girl x 

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