Monday, 22 June 2015


We visited J's Dad for Father's Day and went off for an adventure to see the horses.

The children climbed trees 

and we waded through thigh high grass, which with hindsight, wasn't the best of things to do with a very high pollen count.  We had all taken anti-histamines, however most of us suffered with sneezing and itchy eyes. 

Deciding upon which track to follow until we came across the horses.  We eventually persuaded them to come over to the fence, but they wouldn't take the grass being waved at them by all of the children, can't blame them really when they had plenty of lovely grass in their paddock.

The walk reminded me of the Arthur Ransome books Swallows and Amazons, I'm currently listening to the second book in the series Swallowdale and I was reminded of the Walker children going off exploring their new campsite as my children ran about enjoying themselves, although it's hard to believe that they were doing it alone without adult supervision and just shows how times have changed. 

Then we came back to a lovely fire in J's Father's Day fire pit 

And a glass of wine 

think C & I came off worse with hayfever sneezing our heads off and having red itchy eyes. R was ok on the walk so the early use of antihistamines definitely works, although he did start to suffer in the evening, but this may have been because his 7.30pm dose was late as we were still out and I had forgotten to take it with us. 

I hope you all had such a good day as we did. 

Lupin Girl x 

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