Friday, 5 June 2015

Birthday Coffee and Cake

This morning was quite hectic. B is off on a school redidential, and although her school bus would have gotten her to school in time, I thought it would be easier for her and her friend if I took them and their bags, in the car. 

To be certain L & R got to school on time I asked my friend H if she would mind taking them. (It turned out that I would have got them there on time, so I know for the future.) which meant we all had to be up and out early, not an easy feat, but we made it and they headed off in the rain to the meeting point!  So glad the weather's picked up as the day has gone along.

It's my little sister's birthday today, so I took her out for a coffee and cake.

I knew time was going to be an issue as I would need to leave my sister's house by 11am to make it home in time for work, so I thought I'd told her I'd be over straight from the morning school run. However she hadn't heard me and when I knocked on her door she wasn't ready, oops!

After she'd had a quick shower and opened her cards we decided to go to Costa at her local garden centre. We had a little wonder around and then went in for our coffee. 

I ordered the caramel cappuccino without the sprinkles, my sister had a flat white. I was quite impressed that there were a selection of pre-packed (avoids cross contamination) gluten and dairy free goodies next to the till, and after a little look to find a treat without soya or Lupin in I plumped for the cherry bakewell's. My only moan, and it's only a little one, is that the cakes are quite little compared to the 'ordinary' cakes available. My sister had a double choc chip muffin and it was enormous compared to my two bite sized Bakewell tarts. I know I shouldn't complain, at least there is a selection, there are plenty of places where I wouldn't be able to have anything, and there's no risk of cc, maybe next time I'll pick two things lol. 

Would I eat in Costa Coffee again? 

Definitely, I love the fact that the GF items are sealed, there is a good selection of treats and the Bakewell tarts tasted lovely. I've not been ill, so definitely a 10/10 from me. 

(Like I said, I might just pick two items next time!) 

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, see you tomorrow xx

Lupin Girl x


  1. Happy belated bday to your sister! I love love Costa ! Their hot chocolates are lush and I also love those bake wells too so tasty aren't they :)

    1. +HannahBrooker Thank you very much for your wishes. Costa is indeed lovely, and the bakewells were delicious, thank you for commenting
      Lupin Girl x