Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I'm sure what I had yesterday that upset me, but last night I was really itchy and today I've had stomach ache, the itching has passed.

Here's what I ate:

Breakfast:   Nestlé Gluten Free Honey Flakes with full fat milk and coffee

Lunch:       Yoghurt covered rice cakes, a pear, orange and mango squash

Snack:       Decaf coffee and homemade GF coffee cupcake with coffee icing

Snack:       Salt and Vinegar crisps (Tesco)

Dinner:     Homemade hidden cheeseburger (Mince, egg, GF flour, Philadelphia sweet chilli flavour) Cook 3 way chips (Oven cooked), fried egg, baked beans, mayonnaise, cucumber

Water, mango and orange squash and decaf coffee

I can't see anything here that should have upset me.  I've not had the Philadelphia sweet chilli for a while, but was always ok with it before (I know that doesn't mean anything)

I noticed I was itchy at night, around 8.45pm after I'd got back from picking L up.  I took some Piriton which helped with the itching, then this morning I had stomach ache, which has lingered in the background all day, the itching has gone.

Any ideas?

Lupin Girl x

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