Tuesday, 16 June 2015


My youngest two seem quite obsessed with Minecraft at the moment, if they're not playing it, they're watching you tube videos on it. 

I have got a bit fed up of the amount of time they are sitting in front of a screen and so when R asked if he could put the T.V on before school yesterday (he was all ready) I said no. 

After a bit of sulking about how bored he was and how unfair it was he started to play with the magnetix which was still out from when he used it to make his game for homework. 

He and L then played so nicely until it was time to leave that I was glad I had held my ground and not let him put the telly on. 

They even played with it for a bit after school too. Although as I had a migraine I did allow them to have the T.V on in the kitchen as it was quieter than them rummaging through the box (think Lego!) 

I think I am going to return to my old rule of no electronics before school and get them going more creative things with the half hour or so. 

Lupin Girl x

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