Saturday, 9 May 2015

Special Memories

Today has been wonderful.

Last night we had my Goddaughter over to sleep, and she was an angel as usual, after playing with my children in the garden she happily got ready for bed.  however, when I went up, my children were all asleep and J was still awake!  I checked she was alright and told her to get some sleep now, she must have done as I didn't hear any more from her until 7.30 this morning, I listened to her and L laughing for a little while, then I took her downstairs for her morning hot chocolate and cereal.

Then I decided that the old wardrobe we had in our dining area needed to go today.  It had been moved recently and ended up blocking up our French doors blocking out all of the light and we had the children's Nanna and Grandad coming to visit and I wanted it looking good for when they arrived (12.30 ish it was now 8.30am)

Four hours, could we do it?

Now this wardrobe housed all of the dressing up outfits, many of which my children have outgrown, art supplies, definitely still needed, board games, some of which my children had either outgrown, or had pieces missing, but some that we still wanted to keep, and Lego, which we still need.  Where on Earth we were going to re-home all of this to, I wasn't sure!

We emptied all of the wardrobe out onto the kitchen table and the children sorted it out into piles of things to keep and things for charity.  J did trips with the items which were being given away and moved the wardrobe into the garden for now.  The children and I found homes for the rest of the items, with a little bit of re-arranging in the boys room, we found room for their items, the board games fitted in the smaller unit which had been moved into the dining room (the reason for the wardrobe being moved in the first place) and the girls found room for their items in their room.  The only thing which doesn't have a new home yet is the Lego, but we'll find somewhere.

J had been picked up, most of the house was back to normal and I had put a pinto bean vegetarian chili on to cook in the slow cooker earlier on, so we were all on track for visitors.  Yey!

We don't see Nanna and Grandad as much as we should as they live a long way away from us, and it was lovely to spend the day with them, we enjoyed a bottle of wine, the vegi chili and lots of laughs. 


I made corndogs for the very first time!  I need to make them again before I post pictures and a recipe as my oil was old and the corndogs came out very dark, I also struggled to begin with with the consistency of the batter, I got better as I went on, and I thought they tasted yummy, however B wasn't convinced that she liked them, I think she was disappointed that they didn't look like the ones she's seen on television!

I love days like this, watching the children play and have fun with family around us, building special memories together.

Lupin Girl x

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