Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bank Holiday Weekend

We've had rather a busy Bank Holiday Weekend. We've had a birthday, a Duke if Edinburgh expedition, visits from Grandparents and one of my best friends daughter's over to stay. 

We went out for a birthday dinner at The Quays near Billing Aquadrome. I have to say they were very good with the allergies, well, after they found the folder with the paperwork in! 

R picked gamon, which should have been served with chips, but neither of us could have the chips as the allergy folder stated that the fryer was used to fry breaded items. The waiter was more than happy to let at have a salad instead. As I was in the same situation with the rump steak, it was swapped for a jacket potato instead.  Everyone else ordered and all was fab, except I'd made a silly mistake and ordered Pepsi, when I started to get stomach ache, I remembered that draught Pepsi has barley in and I can't tolerate barley. Luckily R is ok with it and was fine.  I would definitely eat at The Quays again and felt that they understood allergies and were more than happy to accommodate us. 10/10 (I will just remember to order a different drink next time!)

Then we headed back home for the birthday profiteroles, which I have to say were delicious. 

Sunday morning we had to be up bright and early to drop C and Ch off for the start if their Duke of Edinburgh expedition and it was absolutely pouring down with rain!  I felt so sorry for them. 

We had a lazy Sunday and played a couple if games of Scrabble Trickster, then the girls used the tiles to make related words and Monday was another lovely, lazy day. I enjoyed a much needed lay in, and was relieved to see it wasn't raining when I got up. We watched telly, tidied up a bit and I played Lego Create It with L. Then we got the text to say they were nearly home and J went to collect the explorers. 

They had had a great time, although C had got rather sunburnt, despite putting sun cream on and Ch had some blisters, although not as bad as when they did the practice expedition.  They were very tired and hungry so we had a Make Your Own Subway dinner, then Ch was picked up and C collapsed. 

All in all I think it's been a good Bank Holiday Weekend and I hope yours has been as good. 

Lupin Girl x


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely bank holiday weekend :)

    1. +whereismymindgone It was lovely, I hope yours was too.
      Lupin Girl x