Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Quick Catch Up

I am so tired, yesterday was amazing, my fantabulous friend H had bought me a ticket to see Take That in concert and we had such a great time.

We set off just after picking up the children from school, and H's partner had kindly offered to have my children for me until J got home.  They are fab friends :)

We parked at Birmingham airport, which did feel a little odd, and we ate at the Frankie and Benny's there.  The meal itself was lovely, they catered for a gluten free diet, and checked that the meal I ordered (omelette) didn't have any of my allergens in, and I remembered not to order a drink from the draught pumps, I went for a J2O.  However, despite having a sign up, and a bit on the menu saying that you wouldn't wait longer than 15 minutes, they were slow.  We waited a good half an hour for our meal, so it was a good job we weren't catching a plane!

We then caught the monorail to the NEC arena and walked down to the Genting arena, we arrived just in time for Ella Henderson and climbed what felt like a million seats up to our seats, Ella was great, although I have to admit to not knowing many of her songs, I do love Ghost though, we have it on in the car a fair bit.

We had a half hour wait for Take That to start after Ella finished and they were well worth the wait, what a show!

I'm not going to spoil the concert for anyone as they're still touring, but if you have tickets you are not going to be disappointed, and my favourite bit was this:

Then, after the buzz of last night, I got in the car this morning and had no brakes!  My car is now at the garage, it has corroded brake pipes, although, not the corroded brake pipes which I had replaced last March, my car in special, my car has 6 (or was it 8, I can't remember) pairs of brake pipes.  The garage are mending it tomorrow, which left me in the lurch (as well as leaving me skint!) as I have an appointment at 9.30am, and H is being a star again and giving me a lift, and picking me up.

I have amazing friends, and feel very lucky, you all know who you are xxx

I hope your last couple of days weren't such a rollercoaster ride!

Lupin Girl x

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