Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Another Migraine

I just could not wake up this morning. After snoozing my alarm three times, I dragged myself out if bed feeling like I'd been drugged. I didn't think too much of it as most of us struggled. J was working close to home today and so helped with the morning chaos, walked B to her friends, took R to basketball club and dropped C at his meeting point. 

That left me with L and myself to sort out. We were ready on time with one lot if washing hung on the airer and another lot in the machine on the timer. I took her to school then dashed off to go and look at a school as I'm going to apply for a job there. 

I found the school and arrived in plenty if time, enjoyed my little tour, although there were four of us, with another your on Thursday, one of the ladies on this tour is a parent helper at the school; there are two vacancies so I guess that means there's only one really! So please keep your fingers crossed, although I really want the job at the school I looked around a couple of weeks ago as I got a good vibe from there. On the tour I felt giddy coming down some stairs, I gripped the rail hard and stayed upright but from then on I just didn't feel right. 

On getting home I had an hour before leaving for work, but just felt low/not quite right. I ate brunch and hung the washing up, then went to work. 

Whilst attending to first aid I noticed I had stars in my vision. I went and got someone to cover and headed off to take my medicine.  I managed to complete my shift, came home and collapsed on the settee until it was school run time. I don't know what caused this attack, maybe the weather? It's been rainy all day with really heavy downpours? 

I survived until J got home, thankfully he was in time to do the club run thus evening and I went to bed with more medicine and my trusty blindfold. 

Typically, I can't sleep now!

I hope you are all well, 

Lupin Girl x 

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