Monday, 18 May 2015

Migraines and Football

Saturday night, as I was relaxing after a hard day's shopping I realised I was getting a migraine.  I hadn't had one for a couple of weeks, and caught this one early.  I raced upstairs to get my medication down me, quickly, and went to bed.  I have downloaded a new app for my phone called Migraine Buddy, so I hit 'go' on that before I went to sleep.

Thankfully, when I woke up Sunday morning, I didn't feel too bad, which was a blessing as J was working and R had his football presentation day.  I lazed about a little bit to make sure I could move ok, and my head stayed on, so I made up a picnic to take with us.  Last year we were unprepared for an all day event at the football presentation, but I knew what to expect this year, so boiled eggs, made sandwiches and drinks and put lots of nibbles in; crisps, rice cakes, bananas apples and sweets.  Got the stew prepared in the slow cooker, washed and hung up a load of dark washing as I'd forgotten to wash B's P.E kit and she needs it Monday, then made gluten free dumplings for the stew, got everyone dressed and out of the door, stopped for petrol and still managed to get there on time, phew!

R played for the Under 8's last season and so we found out what time his presentation ceremony was - 1.30pm and then found out when he was playing bubble football - 12-1.  Bubble football is a bit like football, only the players are in big balls, like zorbs, only their feet are out of the ball so that they can still run about.  It was very entertaining to watch!

After R had played the bubble football, he got given a ticket for a free burger or hot-dog.  I had been prepared for this after last year, and had his burger put into some gluten free bread I had with me, so he was quite happy that he hadn't had to miss out.  Then it was time to go into the presentation, where he received a medal.  It was fairly chilly by now, but I let them have a few goes on the inflatable slide before coming home.

B wanted to watch her new DVD The Theory of Everything and I watched it with her.  It is a really good film, and had both of us gripped all of the way through, although we did pause it when J got in to dish up the stew, which, even if I do say so myself, was really yummy!

And now it's bed time, and keeping your fingers crossed time, as my left cheek feels numb again.  Which is sometimes, but not always, a sign of migraine.  I do wish I had 100% certain migraine tells, even the weird vision isn't a dead cert, as sometimes I've just caught the reflection off of a car window or something like that, and for a few minutes I'm left wondering if I'm getting one or not.

I hope you had a great Sunday,

Lupin Girl x


  1. I feel for you with the migraines, i used to get them,where i would lose my vision! Sounds like you had a fun time at the presentation. I used to go to those all the time with my little brother. :-) #theweekend x

    1. +SophieP My usual migraine make me lose vision, I can get zig zags and circles of missing vision, they're not nice are they? I hope you don't get them any more x
      Lupin Girl x