Friday, 1 May 2015

The Liebster Award

Well, now that I've got two minutes to myself I can finally tell you about Wednesday. 
It was a normal school day morning and we were just getting our shoes on to go out of the door for the school run when my phone wooshed.  I glanced at it and it was a Twitter announcement from the lovely Amanda Bootes saying that she had nominated me for the Liebster Awards! 
So head on over to
and check out Amanda's amazing blog on music, food, life, travel and the odd list or two!
I am very new to blogging, and only just beginning to build up a list of blogs that I love to read, Amanda's is one of the one's I visit the most, and I am soooooo excited that she has nominated me for this award.  Thank you Amanda x
                                            What is the Liebster Award?
The Liebster Awards are a way of connecting New and Original Bloggers.
And a way for us Newbies to make our mark into the Bloggersphere and receive a little bit of recognition.

What are the Rules?
1- Thank and Link the person who Nominated you.
2- Answer the Nominators 11 Questions that they have given you.
3- Nominate 11 Small Blogs- People who you believe deserve this award and include their link in your post.
4- Create 11 New Questions for your Nominees.
5- Notify your Nominees via their Blog/Social Media.
My Questions:
1- Why Did you get into Blogging?
I began to blog about our crazy life as firstly I began to develop food allergies, and then my children did.  I was told "You could write a book about that."  I wasn't sure that I could write a book, but, having just taken a module with the Open University on creative writing, I thought I could start a blog, and I'm loving every minute.
2- Who are your Main Inspirations?
My mum, friends and family.
Helen Sharman, the first British woman in space and the first woman to visit the Mir Space Station.
3- Celebrity Crush?
Robbie Williams!
4- What is the Last Lie you told?
"I'll only be a minute"
5- Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?
I'm not sure I even want to think about it, my eldest baby will turn 20! (nope, I'm staying right here!)
6- What does your Friends/Family think about your Blogging?
They're very supportive, although some are not really sure what blogging is!
7- If Money Was NO Object- What would you be doing?
Living in a big house, with my family.  I would probably start up a totally gluten free café which took all food allergies seriously and we'd be travelling in a fab V.W camper van during school holidays, or jet setting to far flung places, and I'd be blogging about it all, of course!
8- What has been your Biggest Challenge in your life?
Learning to cope with my children having to cope with migraines and allergies which they've inherited from me
9- Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, I'm allergic to cats
10- What 3 Words Would your Friends use to Describe You?
Shy, Quiet, Petit
11- If you Could only eat One Food for the Rest of your Life- What Would it be?
And not be allergic to it lol, urm, that's a really hard question!  I think I'll pick cake
My Nominees:
My 11 Questions for my Nominees:
1.  What is your favourite colour?
2. What was the last book you read?
3. What are you scared of?
4. Where was your favourite holiday?
5. Sweets or chocolate?
6. What is your favourite film?
7. If you could meet a famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?
8. Beach or pool?
9. What did you eat last?
10. Reach to your right, what did you touch?
11.What hobbies, other than blogging do you have?
Get answering folks, and I can't wait to read them, and don't forget to nominate x


  1. Cool post! Your recipes are so yummy sounding!

    1. +AlishaTrost Thank you very much
      Lupin Girl x