Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cheats Chilli

When I went to work yesterday I got told by my colleagues that I should have been at home in bed, when I told them that I'd had to go to the dentist and sort the children out I got:
        'I don't know how you manage!'

Well, I suppose I manage because I have to.  I have lots of support at home, I am really grateful for this, but things still need doing, so unless its a 10/10 on the pain scale I get on with things, I have four children that need getting ready for school, clubs to go to and that need feeding. 

One of the ways I cope is by being organised, or trying to be!

J is always really helpful and between him and B they had emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher for me.  C and B make their own lunches so I only had L and R's to make.  I took them to school, then dashed to the dentist as I needed a filling replacing (I could have rearranged but then I'd still have been charged so I went).  Then I dashed home, via Tesco as I wanted some of the cheaper free from items, I hadn't ordered them with the internet shopping as they then became the free items (Tesco has a 3 for 2 deal on at the moment) so I grabbed the dairy free chocolate bars for B and the gluten free toasty pastries for R and myself, then I grabbed some mince, kidney beans and tinned tomatoes to make a cheats chilli when I got back.

Cheats chilli is really easy, I make it in the slow cooker:


                 750g minced beef

                 2 tins of chopped tomatoes

                 2 tins kidney beans

                2 made up stock cubes

                Chilli powder

                Brown rice


             This couldn't be easier, you just chuck it all (except the rice) in the slow cooker, give it a mix about and leave on full heat for about 2 hours. 

             Add your rice to the chilli mix and cook of full heat for a further hour, then turn down to low heat.

           I put the meat and tins into the slow cooker around 11am, then added the rice at about 2pm, we ate just before 5pm.

Then I took L to her club, I could have said no I'm not well enough, but that's not fair on her, so we went. I do have attacks where I physically can't take her, but yesterday was a recovery day, I still had serious head pain, I almost burst into tears when I was told if have to collect my prescription another day (the prescription wasn't even anything to do with my head lol) 

If I can work through or after an attack I do, if I can safely get my kids to their clubs I do, then I collapse in a heap when they're all in bed. Maybe that's why it takes me a week to recover, maybe it sometimes brings on another attack? I don't know, but I will try my hardest to not let them affect my family as far as possible. 

Today, well today I'm still tender, my head isn't trying to explode with every step, but its not 100% better either. 

Lupin Girl x 


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