Friday, 10 April 2015

Bacon Waffles with Maple Syrup

Now know if you're from the USA or Canada this may be old news, but here in England it's not usual to have bacon in your waffles, let alone to put maple syrup on something savoury. 

However I have fond memories of holidaying in America when I was younger, and we would sometimes have breakfast out. It is the first place I ever had breakfast in McDonalds and I would have the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, I really loved them. Then for years and years I never had them, we only really ever had pancakes for pancake day, and pretty much always had them with sugar and lemon.  Since I've had children I have occasionally cooked pancakes for breakfast or brunch on other days, and a few years ago we bought my hubby a waffle maker for Father's Day. Then when the kids and I were watching the cookery shows we saw (I think it was Jamie) cooking bacon waffles. L, who is a BIG bacon fan wanted to try, and we all loved them, apart from hubby, who can't get his head around the idea of savoury and sweet together.

So a couple of nights ago we should have had sticky bacon, sausage and apple with mash for dinner, but it felt too warm for mash, so I decided to split the dinner and to have bacon waffles that night, then sausages in buns with sweet potato wedges the following night.

This was my method, but if anyone from the USA or Canada has a better way please let me know as I know my kids would love to have them on a more regular basis, maybe as a lazy Saturday dinner, or maybe a Sunday brunch.


                  1 cup gluten free self raising flour

                  1 cup eggs

                  1 cup milk

                  1 packet of bacon cut into bite sized pieces


             Fry your bacon pieces then blot with kitchen paper to get rid of excess fat.

             Mix up your flour, eggs and milk in a large bowl (I used an electric hand held mixer)

             Heat up your waffle iron.

             Spoon in your waffle mix (the amount will depend upon the size of your waffle maker)

             Add a sprinkling of bacon (I tried to get some in each section, so you got some in each bite)

             Cook, again time will depend upon your device.

            Make as many as you need, keeping the cooked ones warm in an oven on lowest setting.

            Put onto a plate, drizzle with maple syrup and be converted!

Lupin Girl x

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