Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday


Just a quick one today as it's Good Friday I started my day with the Sugar Free, Gluten Free hot cross buns I made yesterday, they are heavier than normal hot cross buns, and my son didn't like them, myself and hubby did though, but might have to work on the recipe a bit.

We were supposed to be going over to a friend's house today, but unfortunately she text to say she was poorly and so had to cancel, the other friends who were going came to us instead, so after tidying up a bit as we were unprepared for visitors, we had a lovely afternoon catching up as we hadn't seen each other for months! 

Then we popped into town and bought a few bits and bobs for C as he's off doing his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award soon, and a memory card for R for his tablet as he kept running out of memory.

Then we've had one of our favourite dinners, Make Your Own Subway, where we have rolls and ham, cheese, salami, parma ham, olives, pickles, salad, eggs, tuna mayonnaise. It goes down well and is great for lazy Saturdays. We watched a film from Amazon Prime, and had a generally lovely and day, I even had a coffee with a Bailey's in it earlier too!

Tomorrow J is working and so the children and I are going to make biscuits, then R has a roller skating party in the afternoon.

I hope everyone else managed to have a lovely Good Friday too,

Lupin Girl x


  1. I enjoyed your post of your day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. +Pamela Barton Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it x