Monday, 27 April 2015

Family Time and Garlic and Herb Roast Chicken

I love weekends. 

No early mornings, no rushing about here, there and everywhere, just chilling.

Saturday J and C were out doing boy stuff, so after a lazy morning I took B, L and R to town to change their library books, that bag does get heavy with 6/7 books for each of them in!  I don't mind though as it's got R reading more, he's found some books in which you choose your own destiny and depending upon what you decide to do at the end of each little section, depends upon the outcome of the story, he thinks they're brilliant and has read every night for about two weeks now, and because he knows that he has a good time reading those, he's started to explore some of the other books we have here which is great.

After the library we just did a little bit of mooching about, came home for lunch and popped to see my friend and her little family, see here to read all about that.

Sunday was lovely as we were all together again.

L had her first dance exam in modern.  I'm very proud of her as she only started dancing at the end of January and so she has progressed really well in such a short amount of time, she is very nervous about finding out her grade though, and I've no idea how long that normally takes?  She has a lesson tonight so I'm hoping they'll tell her when she'll find out, she might even find out tonight?  She said it went well, she didn't forget any of the dance moves, but did forget how to bow?  She also said that the mirrors had all been covered up so that you couldn't copy what anyone else was doing as they went in in groups of four, I'm sure she did just fine though, and she looked like she enjoyed it, which is all that matters really.  I think I was more nervous than she was as she had to have her hair in two French plaits twisted into a bun, L's hair is sooo long though that it's quite difficult to get it up, and once it's up to get it to stay there, lots of grips and gel spray needed! 

I think I did an ok job? 

It looked a little wonky to me so I hope they don't get marked down on hair presentation!

I was so on edge about getting her there on time, I planned to get there 10 minutes or so early, however, I'd read the time wrong on the board and we ended up being 1 1/4 hours early!  At least I'd got us there early and not late though, how bad would I have felt then!!  We ended up having to sit and wait in the car, and played rather a few games of Eye Spy!

I cooked an amazing garlic and herb roast chicken for our Sunday dinner, we haven't had roast chicken for ages, and all thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's really simple to make:  Mix some garlic and herb into some butter.

                                           Make sure your hands are clean, then separate the skin from the chicken with your hand, work your hand gently down in between the skin and chicken so that you create a pocket the size of the top of the chicken.

                                            Place the butter into this pocket and squeeze and massage it all over the chicken.

                                            Rub your hands over the top of the skin to remove any butter left on them, then sprinkle garlic powder and mixed herbs over the top.

                                            Roast as usual and serve with veg and garlic and herb roast potatoes.

After dinner B got all packed up ready to go and stay at my Mum and Dad's house for the night, as she's going to work with my Mum today.  Her school are having a 'Take your Daughter to work day' today, but because of the nature of J's job he wasn't allowed to take her in, I only work part-time so thought she would enjoy being at work with my Mum more.  I hope she's having a great time, I know she was really looking forward to it.

I hope you're having a great Monday,

Lupin Girl x

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