Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fun Saturday

I think today has been quite a good day.  Apart from waking with a pounding headache, not sure if I had a migraine in the night.  I took my solpodol and had some coffee and breakfast and started to feel a bit better.

J and C are out today, so I took B, L and R into town, they needed to return and pick some new library books, and part of R's homework is to plant and grow a seed, and to keep a diary of the changes that occur, so we popped into Wilko's.  He wanted to grow some flowers, currently we don't have any in the back garden, and the seeds were on 3 for 2 so they all picked a packet.  We ended up with Flax (R's) Cosmos Picotee (L's) and Love In A Mist Persian Jewels Mixed (B's) We have planned them in a scatter mix in a raised bed in which we often grow vegetables and I've put some into the front garden, and an elephant planter which I bought a couple of years ago and haven't used yet too, so hopefully something will grow, we're not brilliant at gardening!  Then I ended up weeding the front garden and along the side of the house (well a bit, I got spiked and stung a few times and gave up!) and it does look a lot better now.

Currently L has made a challenge on Minecraft for R to complete, and B is making a tin robot out of a kit she got for Christmas.

We're going to go to one of my best friends houses as her little girl (my Goddaughter) turned 6 earlier in the week (how on Earth did that happen?) so we're taking her pressies over and staying for fish and chips.  We're going to stop off at Sainsbury on the way as I don't know whether to get the chips, buy something to take over, or get McD's instead (as we're not coeliac just intolerant we are allowed chip shop chips, some shops have been ok, both lots we've had in Hunstanton have been fine, and some give us stomach ache, and we're both on antihistamines at the mo for hayfever so may be ok) The dilemma's of having intolerances, it's often a trial and error game, and much worse when you're deciding for your child too!  I think I'll probably try the chips and buy something from Sainsbury to go with them.

Ooh I've just remembered I've got a portion of gluten free fish from when I made it the other week, I'll take that for me & get R something :)

I hope you're having a fun Saturday too,

Lupin Girl x


Well we went to Sainsbury's and decided to play it safe dinner wise. I bought the noodle pot for R that he had on his birthday. Got to my friends house, had a fun hour at the park, went back and she went to get the fish & chips for the others (I was going to risk the chips) made R's noodle pot, when B noticed they looked different. EPIC FAIL, I had bought ordinary noodles! Luckily I had bought some bake at home baguettes, so E had that and did have a few chips, about 20 minutes after eating he told me he had tummy ache :(  my tummy is tender but I've been taking migraine tablets all day so its not bad. We came home and I gave R Calpol and Neurofen and cuddled up with a hot pack, he's still in pain now, its such a pain (literally) I don't think I'll risk chips from a chippy again especially for R unless I know they're gluten free, I hate seeing him in pain. I really wish the noodle pots were easier to identify, then maybe I wouldn't have picked up the wrong ones and he wouldn't have eaten the chips and got poorly. 

Keep well, 

Lupin Girl x

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