Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A quick re-think!

The next time out dinner planner says its turkey skewers for dinner, I will remember to make sure I have skewers as well as the turkey mince!

I had a quick re-think and made sausage shapes out of the mince instead, last time I made the skewers we found them a little dry so I made them lemon and herb flavour as that had gone down so well with the chicken. 


                500g turkey mince

                Juice of 1 lemon

                Sprinkle of herbs

                Brown rice

                1green pepper

                1 orange pepper

                2 small red onions


            Put your brown rice on to cook. 

The wooden spatulas stops it from boiling over. 

            Put your turkey mince into a bowl and add the lemon and herbs, knead the turkey to mix it all in. 

            Shape the turkey mince into sausage shapes and place onto a baking tray. 

           Put into the oven on gas mark 5-6 for about 20 minutes. 

           Chop up your peppers and onions. Fry until cooked. 

            Serve and enjoy. 

Luckily my tribe enjoyed this dinner, L put soy sauce over hers and I had the homemade ketchup with mine, they have said not to worry about the skewers in future, but I will get some ready for BBQ time. 

Lupin Girl x

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