Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Migraines and Dentists

Whilst we were at Sywell yesterday C had a nasty tumble off of a pogo stick. He landed heavily and I could see he'd hurt himself, but we were with family and he didn't want to show it, he said he was ok and didn't need pain killers. I asked him if he was ok to go on the walk as we were about to go around the reservoir and he said he was fine. 

When we thought we were about half way around, C said he couldn't read one of the signs, then he said he had a flashy circle of lights. I offered him painkillers and said it sounded lol a migraine, again he refused them. I walked alongside him and could see he was looking at things funny. I made him take some Cocodomol and we continued thinking we didn't have too much further to go. We were wrong, we were only probably about a quarter of the way around and poor C was feeling rough, and was in agony with his head, and probably from the fall too. Eventually we got back to the car, and despite me promising the others ice-creams at regular intervals on the way round to keep them going, we came straight home; where I have C some Ibuprofen and put him to bed. 

He slept until we had dinner at around 6.30pm then went back up and slept till morning, J and I both checked on him several times. He was feeling better this morning than yesterday, but not up to a trip to the dentist followed by shopping at Milton Keynes, so I gave him some more tablets and left him to sleep. 

The dentist trip was good!  All of the other three were told that their brushing was good and their teeth were healthy. Mine were fine too, apart from needing a filling replacing, which I knew I would need as it fell out a while ago, I'm going back in a few weeks to have it replaced. 

I texted C to check he was ok, he was, so we headed to the shops for a little bit. L ended up buying a Promise Pet from Build a Bear, it's a golden retriever and sooo soft and fluffy!  Both L and R bought headphones and B bought a couple of DVD's. then we headed back home. 

C was feeling much better and joined us downstairs. I really hate the fact that three of my children get migraine and as much as I hate having them myself, wish I could take them away from them. I'd happily have them everyday if it meant their lives weren't blighted by them and can only pray that they won't suffer terribly with them. 

Over the last couple of days I've cooked some different dinners, but I'll post about them tomorrow x

Lupin Girl x

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